Barbados Cropover 2019


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Has Carnival got you down? Are you anxious to uncontrollably wine on the streets of Trinidad once again? Or perhaps maybe you are someone that has been wanting do Carnival and don't want to plunge head first into the massive celebration in Trinidad?

No worries, AAT is headed to Barbados Cropover this August, and based upon our last 2 Carnival trips, you don't want to miss this one!


Land Only​

BASE COST:                      $1825.00

DEPOSIT DUE DATE:       $200.00 Due March 30th

MONTHLY PAYMENTS:  $406.25 Due the 15th

CHECK-IN:                         August 2nd 2019

CHECK OUT:                     August 6th 2019 


·   5 days/4 nights Double Occupancy Accommodation

·   Transfers to/from the hotel 

·   Host Lunch

·   Daily Breakfast

·   One Cooler Fete

·   Farewell Brunch Fete

·   Costume Concierge Services (Krave Only)

·   The highly coveted AAT t-shirt!

·   Ongoing support of the AAT staff

·   All Photos




· Your deposit is fully refundable for 15 days after it has been paid, or until Jan 15th,  whichever comes first.  50% of your deposit can applied to a future trip within a years’ time of this trip being cancelled.


· Each monthly payment becomes non-refundable 30 days after the due date for that payment.


· The trip becomes 100% non-refundable on/after July 15th


· Any traveler that falls more than 1 payment behind will be removed from the trip and funds will be returned per the above refund policy. 


· Refunds can take up to 30 days from the date requested to process.


· Travel/Cancellation insurance is highly recommended for ALL AAT trips. Please contact an AAT rep for assistance in getting you a quote.


While the option is there for you to get a single occupancy room if you choose, by no means do you have to select it if traveling alone. We understand that the extra money spent in getting your own room, takes away from the money available to you to splurge on the streets in Barbados!


For that reason, we extend each traveler the option of having us pair you with a suitable roommate for no additional cost. Roommates are paired based upon the answers to their personality questions on their registration form, as well as their ages and even astrological signs. Prior to departing you will given the contact information of your roommate, giving each of you the opportunity to get properly acquainted.


Do you know someone who may be interested in joining our trip but isn't a member of AAT? Here is your chance to save a little money while bringing them on a trip of a lifetime!


For every traveler that you refer to our trip, you can subtract $50 from the cost of your trip. There is no limit to the amount of people you can bring, as long as that person has not already traveled with AAT. Be sure to tell your friend to enter your name in the registration form under "How did you hear about this trip?" 


Your $50 discount will be put back on your card once you and your referral have paid in full.



If you have questions that still remain, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at / 855 423 5376