EG4: Barcelona & More!

EG4: Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Paris, & Iceland

Well it took a lot longer to plan than I thought..but I'm sure you will agree that it was worth the wait ! Join AAT for 8 days/7nights (12 days if you are feeling adventurous)  on what is sure to be the best trip ever!


And I don't just mean the best AAT trip either, I mean the best trip since people first learned to walk!  :-)


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Well...what makes this trip so special exactly?

The answer to that is that this a group trip that still allows you to design an experience that fills your individual needs. For the first time ever you will have the option to travel first class if you are balling out like that(lol). You can spend the week taking in all of the sites of Barcelona; or you can go jet setting to Paris, Ibiza & more; or you can simply kick back,  relax and enjoy the many amenities of the hotel and nearby beach. You can even extend your stay for 4 days in Iceland if your heart so desires!


In short, it's a group trip that offers individual treatment!

But why Barcelona?

Are pretty beaches, astounding architecture, imaginative food and a vibrant street life enough of a reason? If not, click HERE  if you somehow need more convincing. 


Where will we be staying?

Our hotel will be the AC Barcelona Forum by Marriott.  If for some reason you find yourself burnt out from all of the site seeing, I'm sure a dip in the pool and a visit to the spa will help in alleviating your troubles!

Go to Page 12 of the information packet for a detailed look at the hotel!


How will we get around?

Once again, we will be relying on the 50+ years of experience of our good friends at Perillo Tours, along with the help of the Barcelona Guide Bureau to navigate us through the streets of Barcelona. how much?

The base price for this trip is $2450.

A deposit of $200 is due September 30th.

A payment of $250 is due the 20th of each month from October through June(Deposit + 9 monthly payments)


*Payments will be automatically deducted from your account on the 20th after making your deposit. If a payment fails to process, another attempt will be made on the 22nd and 24th*


What's  included?

• Round trip Airfare Via Iceland Air

• 8 day/ 7 night stay at the AC Barcelona Forum By Marriott.

• Free Breakfast

• Transfers in Barcelona

• Barcelona City tour on July 10th

• 24/7 concierge service between now until we return.

• The highly coveted AAT t-shirt


What's not included?

Please anticipate costs for food and any optional excursion (See Information packet for the optional excursions).


How do all of these add-ons work?

It's Simple! When you are making your deposit, just select any add on you want. The value of each add on, will be added on to each of your monthly payment(not your deposit)


e.g You want to travel first class because you got it like that and you feel that you should get it how you live :-) . Your deposit will be $200, and each of your monthly payments will be $400($250+$150). Makes traveling first class seem so much more obtainable doesn't it?


f you are not so much of a baller, but want to get all the way turnt then you may select the over night stay in Ibiza which would then make your payments $317($250+$67) a month after making your $200 deposit.


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