Athens, Santorini & Mykonos 2021

While we are certain to have a great time with our #Eurotrip8 visit to Croatia, we just didn't feel right doing only our 8th Euro Trip in our 9th year of business. 

So to resolve that we will be headed back to Greece, visiting the beautiful islands of Santorini & Mykonos! Plus if you have a little more vacation time than most, you can hit up Crete, Kefalonia & Zakynthos! :-)

Save $100 on your deposit when you enter the code "MoreGreecePlease" during checkout before September 19th. 

Sold Out :-(

Steps To Register



BASE COST:                                     $3575.00 Per Person

DEPOSIT DUE DATE:                      $200 Due Oct 3rd

MONTHLY PAYMENTS:                 11 Payments  of $306.81

ARRIVAL/CHECK IN TIME :           Aug 19 2021 @ 3 PM

DEPARTURE/CHECK OUT TIME:  Aug 26th 2021 @ 12 PM 

ARRIVAL AIRPORT:                        Athens Intl Airport(ATH)

DEPARTURE AIRPORT:                  Santorini Intl Airport(JTR)

W/ Extension

Includes One Way Flights to Crete & Kefalonia

DEPARTURE/CHECKOUT TIME:   Sept 1st 2021 @ 12 PM

DEPARTURE AIRPORT:                  Kefalonia Intl Airport Anna Pollatou(EFL)



·    8 Day Double Occupancy Hotel Stay (Twin Bed)

·    Hotel City Taxes

·    Transfers to/from the hotel

·    Half Day Tour of Athens w/ Lunch

·    Half Day Tour of Cape Sounion

·    Ferries to Santorini & Myknonos 

·    Private 3 Course Sunset Dinner in Santorini

·    Black Sand Beach Trip in Santorini

·    Daily Breakfast 

·    The highly coveted AAT t-shirt!

·    Ongoing support of the AAT staff

·    Onsite Photographer with Lo-Def Photos



·    Single Room Upgrade                                      ($1420| $129.09   Monthly)

·    Dinner in The Sky                                             ($190   | $17.27   Monthly)

·    Yacht Tour of Delos/Rhenia                            ($250   | $22.72    Monthly)

·    Mykonos ATV Rentals                                      ($150   | $13.63   Monthly)

·    Crete, Zakynthos & Kefalonia  Ext Shared   ($3450 | $287.50 Monthly)

·    Crete, Zakynthos & Kefalonia  Ext Single     ($4200 | $350.00 Monthly)


· Your deposit is fully refundable for 15 days after it has been paid, or until October 15th, whichever comes first.


· After your deposit has become non-refundable 50% of it can applied to a future trip within a years’ time of this trip being cancelled.


· Each monthly payment, except the final payment, becomes non-refundable 30 days after the due date for that payment. Your final payment is non-refundable immediately upon receipt.

· All trips are non-transferable


· Refunds can take up to 30 days from the date it is requested.


· In the event we are not able to visit our main desired destination (Greece) for any reason, our only recourse is to postpone to a later date(s). If you are unable to attend the new dates, we will offer you the option to go anytime on your own. Any request to cancel under this circumstance will abide by our above refund/cancellation policy.


· Travel/Cancellation insurance is highly recommended for ALL AAT trips. Please contact an AAT rep for assistance in getting you a quote.


At the time of writing this, we are enduring what is certain to be labeled as the most challenging period of our lifetimes. While this situation has forced us all to make sacrifices, none of us has made a greater sacrifice than medical staff and first responders that have been tasked with being our lifesavers in the face of complete uncertainty. When this is all behind us, we will owe to it you for getting us to better days.


As a token of our appreciation we would like to extend to all our many customers that are first responders or work in Medicine a $100 discount off any single trip you book in the year of 2020.


To claim your discount, simply indicate in our registration form your occupation and upload a work ID.  Your discount will be returned to you after all payments are collected!


While the option is there for you to get a single occupancy room if you choose, by no means do you have to select it if traveling alone. We understand that the extra money spent in getting your own room, takes away from the money available to you to splurge on the streets of Greece!


For that reason, we extend each traveler the option of having us pair you with a suitable roommate for no additional cost. Roommates are paired based upon the answers to their personality questions on their registration form, as well as their ages and even astrological signs. Prior to departing you will given the contact information of your roommate, giving each of you the opportunity to get properly acquainted.


If you have questions that still remain, please don't hesitate to contact us directly @


                                 /  855 423 5376