There was no way I was going to allow the group to go to a country with history as rich as Italy and only focus one city. With the help Perillo Tours, I've but together the perfect 3 getaway for your free time. The total price for this portion of the trip is $800.00 due on May 21st.


Important things to be aware of:


  • You are in no way required to go on this portion of the trip. If you choose to stay in Rome you will have a long list of places, along with directions on how to get there, both inside and outside of Rome.

  • If you do go on this portion on the trip, you will be checked out the original hotel in Rome. If you have a lot of luggage you can leave it behind in my room.

  • Transportions between each city will be by high speed rails.

  • There will be a lot of walking during this part of the trip. If you have any health conditions that will make walking long distances an issue, it may be best to opt out of this porition of the trip.


If you wish to join, you can do so by hiting the payment link above. If you would like more information about the locations we are going to, please click the links below:

Italy Optional Excursions

June 27th - Pisa/Florence(click here)

June 28th - Venice(click here)

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