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Sanctuary Chichele-Game Drive
Sanctuary Chichele-Game Drive

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Despite the success of this group, it has always pained me to admit that after 4 years and seeing 5 countries with over 100 travelers we have yet to spend any notable time on the continent whose name we bear. From the very beginning visiting Africa with this group has always been a top priority for me, but I wanted to first gain the knowledge necessary to organize a trip with the complexities that comes with a trip to our homeland. Thanks to your help and support in following AAT across Europe and most recently Dubai, we are now confident that we can provide you with the trip to Africa that we have all dreamed of!





TOTAL COST:                        $3250 Payable in installments

DEPOSIT DUE DATE:           $300 Due Feburary 29th

MONTHLY PAYMENTS:      $421.42 (plus the cost of any                                                    add ons) due the 15th from                                                    Mar - Sept )

DEPARTURE DATE:              Oct 16th 2016 11:50 PM                                                            From JFK Airport.

RETURN DATE:                      Oct 24 2016 6:40 AM at JFK                                                      Airport

If you are at all familiar with AAT, you know one of the many goals that we aim to accomplish with each trip is to go where very few like us have gone, and gain experiences so unique and awe-inspiring that upon your return, you will give off such a glow that the site of you alone will inspire others around you to want to go out and gain the same experience. In order to satisfy this goal, we have decided to focus our trip at the sight of one of the seven natural wonders of the world and premiere adventure destination, Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia.




But Wait!  If you are in fact familiar with AAT, you know we also aim to take in as much and gain as many passport from a given area as we can! For that reason, travelers will be given, along with the plethora of activities to choose from in Zambia (white water rafting or bungie jumping anyone?),  the option to visit neighboring Chobe, Botswana and Victoria Falls (town), Zimbabwe on day trips and stay for a 3 day extension in Johannesburg, South Africa.






·       Round trip airfare via South Africa Airways

·       7 days/6 night’s accommodation at the Protea Hotel Livingstone

·       Transfers to/from the hotel in Livingstone

·       Zambezi  Dinner Cruise

·       Cultural Tour of Chief Makuni Village

·       Walking Tour of Livingstone and Livingstone Island

·       The highly coveted AAT t-shirt!


Click the Info packet link above for a detailed look at the excursions and Hotel


The policy is simple and one I’m sure you will find quite agreeable!


·       Your deposit is 100% refundable up until the day before the first monthly payment is due, which would be March 15th.                 After that, your deposit is non-refundable.

·       Each payment received after March 15th is fully refundable up until the midway point, which is June 15th.

·       After June 15th  All payments made before that become non-refundable, all payments made afterwards and prior to the               departure date are fully refundable

·       After October 15th, the trip is non-refundable. If you are in need of a refund, you will need to consult your travel insurance.


While the option is there for you to get a single occupancy room if you choose, by no means do you have to select it if traveling alone. We understand that the extra money spent in getting your own room, takes away from the money available to you to splurge on the streets Livingstone.


For that reason, we extend each traveler the option of having us pair you with a suitable roommate for no additional cost. Roommates are paired based upon the answers to their personality questions on their registration form, as well as their ages and even astrological signs. Prior to departing you will given the contact information of your roommate, giving each of you the opportunity to get properly acquainted.


If you questions still remain, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at info