Weekend In Amsterdam


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We've heard you! Life prevents you from joining our typical 7 - 9 day trips. For that reason we will offer 4 quick getaway trips in 2018 that enables you to be apart of our unique travel experiences without having to spend so much time away from home! For the second location we will be heading to is a place that has been high on our list from the very beginning, Amsterdam!

BASE COST:                    $1500.00

PAYMENTS:                    3 Payments of $500.00

DATES :                            May 25th - 29th 2018  


·       4 days/3 nights accommodation at Amsterdam DoubleTree 

·       Transfers to/from the hotel in Amtsterdam

·       1/2 Day Amsterdam City Tour

·       Canal Cruise

·       Welcome Dinner

·       Daily Breakfast

·       The highly coveted AAT t-shirt!

·       Ongoing support of the AAT staff

·       Onsite Photographer with Lo-Def Photos


Click the info packet link above for a detailed look at the excursions and hotel



Because time is limited between now and when we depart, we will be deviating from our normal refund policy, but I’m sure you will still find it agreeable:


Each payment you make for this trip, excluding your final payment, becomes non-refundable 10 days after it is due.

Your trip becomes non-refundable after May 15th. 

Refunds can take up to 30 days to process. 

Any traveler that is more than 10 days late making a payment will be removed.


While the option is there for you to get a single occupancy room if you choose, by no means do you have to select it if traveling alone. We understand that the extra money spent in getting your own room, takes away from the money available to you to splurge on the streets of Amsterdam


For that reason, we extend each traveler the option of having us pair you with a suitable roommate for no additional cost. Roommates are paired based upon the answers to their personality questions on their registration form, as well as their ages and even astrological signs. Prior to departing you will given the contact information of your roommate, giving each of you the opportunity to get properly acquainted.


If you have questions that still remain, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at